Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Lover of raw emotions

Capturing every

love story

Documenting Life's Extraordinary Moments

Hi I'm Jada!

I'm a photographer and makeup artist based in Virginia, Texas, and Louisiana, specializing in capturing the unique charm and character of each region. From the historic streets of Virginia to the vibrant landscapes of Texas and the enchanting bayous of Louisiana, I'm dedicated to showcasing the distinct beauty and culture of these diverse locales through my lens. My editing style is characterized by bold and vibrant enhancements that bring out the richness of colors and textures.

I'm a Louisiana native, a loving parent to two wonderful kids, and proudly married to my husband who serves in the Navy. With a passion for adventure, I find joy in exploring new and exciting places. Through my experiences, I've come to appreciate the beauty of diversity and the richness of cultures. 

Don't miss out on capturing unforgettable moments! Book your session now and let's create timeless memories together. Whether it's a family portrait, a scenic landscape, or any other special occasion, I'm here to ensure your moments are beautifully preserved. Contact me to schedule your session and let the magic of photography unfold.


-Katelyn S.

Jada is an amazing photographer! I love her work. She has a sweet personality as well. I will definitely use her again in the future!